We improve your cost competitiveness and reduce risks in offshore manufacturing, making your procurement process smoother and more efficient. Working as an extension of your team, GSS commits to ensuring a hassle-free, quality-driven supply chain, with tailored support for your unique needs.


From Concept to Reality

Transform your concepts into market-leading solutions with GSS. We specialise in combining your vision with our expertise in manufacturing feasibility and cost optimisation. Our team’s diverse skillset transforms your ideas into viable, market-ready products with a competitive edge.


Expertly Matched Solutions

Provide your specifications and we do the rest. Tap into GSS’s expansive network of over 100 globally vetted factories. Our experts match your project with ideal sourcing solutions, ensuring quality and value while reducing importing risks.


Excellence in Execution

Offload the complexities of offshore production to us. From the initial sampling phase to full-scale mass production, we meticulously manage all aspects of the manufacturing process to ensure that your specifications are met. With a dedicated project manager from our team taking care of your manufacturing needs, you can focus on growing your business.


Optimising Your Supply Chain

Experience hassle-free importing with our in-house logistics expertise. From factory to doorstep, GSS handles all aspects of logistics, whether it’s LCL or FCL. Our consolidation services ensure cost-effective shipping solutions, even for smaller orders, optimising your shipping costs.


We make it happen: Powering your project from concept to completion. Our process is designed to streamline the complexities of offshore manufacturing and deliver optimal results. We take the time to understand your priorities, connecting you with the best of our global manufacturing network. Beyond just finding the right fit, we seamlessly coordinate your project from start to finish. It’s all about delivering the exceptional quality and service that GSS is known for by clients worldwide.

WE help you…

reduce your costs

Discover competitive factory-direct pricing for your products and components. Leveraging strong partnerships with factories globally, GSS ensures you gain access to cost-effective manufacturing solutions. We focus on saving you time and money while ensuring the quality you expect.

access the best suppliers

Tap into our vetted global network of more than 100 factories, skilled in various manufacturing processes, like plastic injection moulding, roto moulding, steel fabrication, casting, CNC machining, forging, and full product assemblies. Leverage GSS’s longstanding factory relationships for your benefit. With years of nurturing these partnerships, we bring you the most effective and competitive manufacturing solutions, tailored to your specific needs. Learn more.

Diversify your supply chain

Embrace the dynamic manufacturing landscape of the Asia-Pacific with GSS, your leaders in product sourcing, development, and production. We connect you with the best suppliers across diverse manufacturing hubs, including our strong on-the-ground team in Vietnam and our growing presence in emerging markets. This strategic positioning allows us to offer you a variety of factory options, each excelling in different manufacturing capabilities. Utilising our network ensures that your supply chain is not just robust but also agile, ready to meet the demands of the ever-evolving global market.

mitigate your risk

Navigate the complexities of offshore manufacturing with GSS, your expert ally in risk mitigation. With our extensive experience, we specialise in identifying and managing the risks inherent in global production. Our robust quality control measures and strong purchasing relationships ensure that every project meets the expected standards. Our thorough vetting process for manufacturers is designed to build a reliable and secure supply chain for your business. Trust in GSS to skillfully manage your manufacturing risks, delivering both security and success in every project.

Manage projects effectively

Experience our hands-on approach in offshore procurement. GSS commits to in-person factory visits and provides dedicated project management, ensuring meticulous oversight and success of your manufacturing projects. Learn more.

innovate sustainably

Stay ahead in sustainability with GSS. From selecting eco-friendly materials to enhancing product recyclability, we are committed to elevating your product’s environmental impact. Our expertise in circular design positions us as an ideal partner for innovative solutions in sustainable manufacturing. Learn more

protect your IP

Understanding the importance of IP in offshore manufacturing, GSS implements strategic measures for its protection. Our comprehensive agreements with manufacturing partners are meticulously crafted to safeguard your assets, emphasising confidentiality and security. This approach is integral to our commitment to protecting your innovative ideas and proprietary information.


Australia Office


Based in Brisbane, the GSS HQ is the dynamic hub of our operations, where the team is dedicated to supporting your offshore manufacturing needs. We’re a crew that thrives on problem-solving, turning challenges into successful outcomes, and working with great people.

Our collective of engineers, project managers, and manufacturing experts collaborates to realise your product and manufacturing goals. Our diverse skill set is your asset in navigating the complexities of manufacturing offshore.

Vietnam Office


Exploring manufacturing opportunities in Vietnam? Discover the perfect partner in the GSS Vietnam office. As your gateway, we connect you with a rapidly growing network of skilled factories, opening doors to an array of new manufacturing possibilities.

Our dedicated team, combining local know-how with global manufacturing expertise, ensures meticulous factory vetting and rigorous quality control.



Does GSS offer free consultations for manufacturing projects?

We sure do! We nerd-out on discussing your supply chain challenges and finding solutions for any problems you might face, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to talk about your manufacturing needs. Our team is always ready for a chat to explore how we can assist with your objectives. These initial conversations are totally obligation-free, so go ahead and give us a call. We’re here to help.

Does outsourcing manufacturing impact local job markets?

At GSS, we view offshore manufacturing as a strategic enhancement, not a detractor from local economies. Our focus is on smart specialisation and efficiency, enabling companies to optimise resources while focusing on high-value activities like R&D. This approach can spur growth and job creation within local markets, showcasing that thoughtful outsourcing, as practiced by GSS, can contribute to a positive economic impact overall.

What are the common challenges with offshore manufacturing?

Offshore manufacturing presents unique challenges such as communication barriers, logistics complexities, difficulty in immediate problem resolution, and geopolitical risks that can disrupt supply chains. Partnering with GSS means tapping into our extensive experience and expertise in navigating these complexities. We are committed to ensuring a seamless and effective manufacturing process, letting you maximise the benefits of global production without the common pitfalls. Our focus is on delivering a successful, smooth experience for our clients.

What makes GSS different from other offshore manufacturing service providers?

We care. A lot. We’re not just a service provider; we integrate ourselves as a part of your team, committed to your project’s success. Every member of our team is passionately dedicated to ensuring that your manufacturing goals are met with precision and care. It’s this unwavering commitment to being actively involved that distinguishes us in the industry.

What kind of products can GSS help manufacture?

GSS specialises in a wide range of manufacturing processes including plastic injection moulding, steel fabrication, CNC machining, casting, forging, and full product assemblies, catering to various industries and product types. Learn more.

What is the process for starting a project with GSS?

To start a project, just reach out with your specifications, and we’ll kick things off with a friendly chat to get a clear picture of what you need. From there, we get to work and come back to you with quotations based on your requirements. Once you give us the green light, we dive into product development, from initial sampling and prototyping right through to the final manufacturing stage. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, making the process as smooth and seamless as possible.

Where are GSS's clients typically located?

GSS serves a diverse clientele spread across various regions. We are equipped to cater to businesses globally, offering our services to clients wherever they are located. Whether you are based in Australia, America, Europe, or anywhere else in the world, our global reach and local expertise ensure that we can meet your offshore manufacturing needs effectively.

What is GSS's approach to ethical manufacturing practices?

At GSS, we exclusively work with handpicked, ethical manufacturers. All our manufacturing partners are carefully selected and monitored for compliance with modern slavery legislation. We have a detailed Ethical Sourcing Policy, which we can provide upon request. Our goal is to deliver quality products, and our teams in Brisbane and Vietnam collaborate closely with manufacturers to ensure this is achieved in an ethical manner.

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